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Your Support Can Bring Back Events In 2024!

Now you and the Monte Rio Theater community can be part owners of the MONTE RIO THEATER AND EXTRAVAGANZA for as little as $100.
This summer we stood in front of the theater with our Barbie and Ken outfits on, chatting with people who also love the theater So many of you offered that if you had the money, you would invest. But how much was needed? 
I thought "If only there was a way to pool this loyal, movie supporting and enthusiastic community together into one group of investors..." I knew that together we can keep the theater going and have the time to build it into a thriving sustainable business in the heart of the Russian River Valley.
Then we remembered that the solution was there all along!
WeFunder is the perfect tool to allow the community to take ownership and be a real part of the theater; both deciding its future and embracing its rich history.
Perhaps you are one of the people who have $100 to build the buzz and keep up the momentum. Or perhaps you are the Angel Investor who can do 25K and support the region in a major way!
Whatever you are able and decide to do, we appreciate each and every one of the Rio's supporters for what you have done and what we can all do together.
Click HERE to see our pitch video, deck and all the amazing perks that go along with being an investor and owner of the Monte Rio Theater and Extravaganza.

About the Monte Rio Theater

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The Monte Rio Theater & Extravaganza, which opened in the 1940s, sits on a stunning 1.3-acre property adjacent to the Russian River in downtown Monte Rio, a popular destination nicknamed "Vacation Wonderland." In addition to the theater itself, housed in a historic World War II Quonset hut, the complex hosts an artisan community including a jewelry designer, a wood sculpturist, and a scenery designer and builder who does work for the San Francisco Opera and Google.  The property also boasts a massive lawn that overlooks the Russian River and its adjacent beach, where various events are held, including the annual Monte Rio Theater Square Dance and several live music concerts throughout the spring, summer, and fall.

"The Rio Theatre is a beloved Sonoma County institution that has served generations of Californians from across the county and the Bay Area – as well as tourists from across the world." Ed Asner

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